Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekend Goals

I'm hoping to have a pretty relaxing uneventful weekend. After a long work week nothing sounds better. I do however have a few goals for the weekend.

On Sunday I'll be watching the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics and catching PBS's Masterpiece. They are showing 39 Steps. Rupert Penry-Jones from Persuasion (my favorite Austen movie) is the main character. Some people have been teasing me about this for quite some time because they knew I've been counting down to this show. If Captain Wentworth had a dual with Mr. Darcy, I'm sorry but Wentworth would totally win. So make sure you check out the show. It's set in World War II so no tight pants and cravats in case that helps in convincing your husband to change the channel to PBS. You can find more info and online viewing here.

The other thing I'm hoping to accomplish this weekend is to plant some seeds. I've wanted to do this for several years due to how big my yard is and the price of perennials. Also I think Logan will love playing in the dirt. I'm dying to plant some California Poppies. I love their color and how bright and happy they look. Our neighbor across the street have some and they are gorgeous and I'm always jealous I don't have any in my yard. Last week I did a little bit of yard work and it was so nice. Kind of odd since Tad was up skiing.
Hope everyone else has a nice relaxing weekend.

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