Friday, February 12, 2010

I've got the fever . . .

. . . Olympic fever. The month of January our family got to see so many amazing events leading up to the Olympics. While I'm still sad we don't have any World Cup races here (especially since who knows how my two favorite skiers are going to do in the Olympics due to injuries). So here is a recap of all the fun we had in January.

A month ago the Dew Tour was in town at Snowbasin. I went up Friday night and saw Dashboard Confessional with Tad. It was very cold and the music needed to be louder. I think we had more fun watching people fall on this piece of ice. We’re shallow like that. Saturday I went up to watch the skiers in the halfpipe. They were amazing. My mother-in-law was also with me.
I didn’t get any cool shots of the concert or skiing but Katie’s cousin Bryce did. Click here and here to see them.

That night Tad and I went up to Deer Valley for the mogul skiing finals. I’ve decided that moguls will be an annual tradition for our family.

The next day Logan and I went up to Snowbasin again to watch the skier Slopestyle. Logan loved it – riding a bus, riding the chairlift, playing in the snow and watching people ski. He was only sad he didn’t get to ski. We did get our picture with the yeti and all the ski bunnies thought Logan was so cute.

Click here to watch a video of the guy I thought did the most amazing run, Ian Cosco. I know he didn’t win but doing a back flip off of a rail is amazing in my book and he’s the only one that did.

Fast forward to the next weekend, this was the last qualifying race for the US Snowbird team at PCMR. Oh I got a nice powder day in with my in-laws at Deer Valley and that was tons of fun, then fed the missionaries then headed up Parleys to go see the 30 Seconds to Mars concert. I didn’t think we’d make it because I-80 was horrible. On the way home parts were a complete white out. I was very glad we got home in one piece even if it was 12:45. I’ll admit I only liked one song before this concert but now I’m a full blown 30STM fan. I’d insert a picture of me, Tad and Brandi but the photo hasn’t been approved by Brandi yet.

After the concert they made the announcement of the US Snowboarding team. This picture is really crappy but I had to put it in because there is a very similar one in Sports Illustrated and I felt cool that I was there.

Then the next weekend I went skiing with Brandi at PCMR. This was the first time I’ve ever gone skiing and I was the guide. It was a lot of fun and we got to ski a few runs with the hottest instructor at PCMR (he may not have the hottest accent but he’s the cutest).

Tonight is the opening ceremonies for the Olympics and I can not wait. It’s been a tough week hearing about injuries to my two favorites but yesterday was a little better. Didier Cuche (Swiss skier) broke his thumb a couple weeks ago but he had the fastest training run yesterday. Lindsey Vonn while still really sore was able to do a free ski run. So I’m sending out healing vibes to those two. Also I’m excited to see Torah Bright, Ted Ligety, Maria Riesch, Aksel Lund Svindal, Benjamin Raich, Louie Vito, Shannon Bahrke, Julia Mancuso, Steve Nyman, Heather McPhie, Gretchen Bleiler, Kelly Clark, and Hannah Teter. I’ll be eating Canadian bacon pizza (since the Olympics are in Canada) and having some Swiss cheese since my favorite skier is from Switzerland (Go Cuche!) What events/athletes are you looking forward to watching?


Teisha said...

I have it too! I am so impressed with your skiing knowledge! I think you have truly been converted and then some! Actually you put the rest of us Fullers to shame!

MMB Peggy said...

You crack me up Sabrina. We will be glued to the TV for 17 days watching all the olympic events. Only sorry our favorite potential olympian will not be there (Stokes). But maybe not so sorry he won't be on the same track where the luger died today. Anyway my favorite olympian is Lindsay Vonn so sending all our good vibes her way for healing and hoping Bode Miller beats Didier Cuche. What a fun blog to read!!!

MHall said...

You really have made a full conversion to the skiing world. And now Logan is following in the tradition. So were the initials of the hottest ski instructor TF?
PS - I'm glad you were safe traveling in that white out. Scary.

Brandi said...

I'm so glad you gave me the heads up on all of the fun happenings during January. I loved the aerials, and sooo should have gone back up for the moguls. I've already admitted to you that I like the 30STM song, despite almost dieing trying to get up there to see the show. Good times my friend, good times! Oh! and PS you were a GREAT ski guide!