Monday, May 4, 2009

Little Helper

A couple weeks ago I was able to work in the yard all day. Logan absolutely loves to be outside. He just wanders all over our backyard and loves it when the kitty is over because he follows it around the entire yard. I just need to figure out how to teach Logan to not walk through my flower beds, I'll be amazed if I have any flowers by the end of summer.

These are my workers on their lunch break. They are easy to please, just get them some chicken nuggets and fries and they are happy.


Teisha said...

Your yard is looking so great! Love that first pic! Love Logan! It's nice to have you back in the blogging world! You were missed! Now that no one is posting easter pics and it's not so played out will you please post some? Come on you could reinvent the trend!

MHall said...

This is probably unfair, but that kid is one of the cutest kids on earth.

bevany said...

Oh, he is so cute I can't stand it. He looks so big! I love your yard. I need to see it in person some day. And I'm still with Easter pics already.