Monday, March 17, 2008

Lame Post Alert

So I had a post ready but didn't have time to bring in the pictures. I had the hottest construction worker ever, knock on my door this morning and tell me I wouldn't have use of my driveway so I had to run and move my car and that just took up more time that I didn't have. So hopefully tomorrow.

Last week I went to Mazza. It was really good. I used to go to all these interesting lunch places with my friend Diana but she now works far far away so I had to find a new friend who would go. So Pat and I have been going to a new place each week. I really liked Mazza. The service was slow but I think that is the way they like to do it. Also the entrees are more than I like to spend for lunch but I got a sandwich and there is the option of putting it over rice. I got chicken shawarma and Pat got falafel. I also recommend if you go there to make sure you have gum for afterwards.

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Tim&Kirst said...

yummmm-o! I've seen that place and I've wanted to go. Maybe one day we should take a longer lunch together and meet up there. What do ya say?