Tuesday, March 18, 2008

9th Annual St. Patrick's Party

I'm actually not sure it's the 9th annual but I know it's at least that many and maybe more. Well there was plenty of green food last night at Erin's (the girls) party. While we couldn't get Celtic Thunder to make an appearance we still had a fun time. It seems like the clogger parties are getting more and more different now that there are so many babies. We used to play games the whole time but now it's a lot more baby wrangling. We made sure we called Joey Bear to wish him a Happy Birthday because he didn't come home from Florida for the party, so we only had one birthday boy there this year.

We did get some Rock Band in for the night.

I just realized I only took pictures when pretty much the same group was playing. The girls did play also. Brandi was a lot better at the drums than I thought she would be. Erin and I did a duet to Blitzkrieg Bop (or as Kirsten likes to call it, Let's Creep Up).

Now let's check out all the babies. This is Logan's betrothed, Acelin. We had to get this picture so we can later put it in their wedding video. They are the same height right now and Acelin is only a pound heavier but she does more tricks than Logan like eat solids and crawl.

Here are all the other babies. All girls and then there is Logan. Well you can see Kaden's feet on the right of the picture but he just wanted to get in his pajamas and go to bed so we didn't make him pose.

I had to put this picture in of Lucas' little girl, Halle since he won't ever update his website.

I almost forgot. While I was at Erin's house I decided that I need to work through more of the exercises in Bryan Peterson's book, Understanding Exposure. So every other Thursday I'll post which exercise I'm doing so you can do it too and we'll get through the book and become better photographers. So you have a week and 2 days to get the book if you don't have it all ready.


Bevany said...

Geez, thanks for ever saying hi. I added you as a link on my blog...hope it's ok. Of course I still love that thing you do. You know you do too! Looks like a fun party. I've never played rock band before but I've heard it's fun.

Molly Sue said...

That kid looks familiar...And, I may be biased, but he's the best looking one too.

Tim&Kirst said...

hey now...hey now... I didn't grow up in a family of musicalness. It wasn't until I was 22 years old that I knew the actual lyrics to that song. HOWEVER, I still don't understand what Blitzcreg Bop means ???? I'll stick with my "let's creep up"...sounds much better. As for little Logan bean he's one lucky man with all those ladies at his disposal on the couch. WATCH OUT LADIES. He's a total flirt.

Amanda Bishop said...

I wish we could have been there @ the party but our kids would have looked a lot different then all the cute little babies. I have that book on exposure, I have tons of photo books come borrow anything anytime.