Friday, March 21, 2008

City Creek

I had a presentation today on all the construction surrounding our building. I work in the Beneficial Life Tower fka Gateway Tower West so the City Creek Center (CCC) is being built all around us. They went over some of the procedures they are using to build due to complicated circumstances. They also talked a lot about the cranes because there has been some concern over how close they are to our building. I should have taken a picture because at some times they are only 20-30 feet away. They're putting in some software that will shut down the cranes if they get 2 meters from the building but it still makes you uneasy when you watch them.

The coolest thing they did was take us on a virtual tour of CCC. They also said it is posted on their site but the image is a lot smaller and it's very grainy. I'd still check it out if I were you. You start out at the entrance across from Temple Square, then go to the center of that block, then work your way towards Main Street and across the street at ground level. Then you go upstairs and go to the sky bridge and then work your way towards State Street then back to 100 South and then to Nordstrom's that will be on West Temple. Not the best description but it might help you as you watch it.

Here are some other random things we learned in the meeting.
- There will be trout in the creek but no fishing allowed.
- There are 11 places to eat in the food court but the food court is clear over by State Street (boo!).
- The glass ceiling will be retractable so in bad weather they can close it or if it gets too hot in the summer they can turn on the AC.
- There will be dogs allowed in the open areas and dog amenities available.
- 20% of the food at Harmon's will be ready to consume food with not prep.

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lettieb said...

Thanks for this. I have no idea what was going on down there and have been wanting to know what the plans were.

Oh, and I love all of your Rock Band pics. We just got Guitar Hero and will wait for Rock Band until it is out on the Wii.