Friday, November 18, 2011

Neighbor Gifts - Canvas Bags

A couple years ago for my neighbors and co-workers I gave canvas bags. I was so excited for these because I'm all about getting rid of plastic bags and who doesn't need another canvas bags. I went to and you can get the bags for as low as $.89 right now. Then I just cut out fabric to make a custom bag for each person. Since the whole point of the present was to cut down on waste I just created a gift tag and tied them with some tulle.

Here are some of the designs I did. The yellow and red one says blurg since the Noices are huge 30 Rock fans.

What are some ideas you've done for neighbor/co-worker gifts? I struggle with this every year.


Brek said...

We love (and use!) our blurg bag! You always have the best neighbor gifts!

bevany said...

I wish I was your neighbor. I need something CHEAP and requiring very little effort. Oh, and something that will still make me look awesome. Anything?

Серёжа Семенчук said...

Are you interested in a mutual subscription?

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