Tuesday, November 22, 2011

iPhone Photos

Next month Tad will have had his iPhone for a year. I was downloading his photos for my photo a day album (which I love, you can check out Project Life here). Here are just some of my favorites found on Tad's phone.

Aviator Logan

Love this photo of Logan fighting Darth Vader in the Lego store at Disneyland. He carried around that pornographic balloon gun everywhere. Thank goodness it deflated overnight.


Logan and Nyxon on a double date this summer with Mom and Dad.

Not sure if I love this photo so much because it has all my little guys in it or the fact that it doesn't have my multiple chins in it. Maybe Tad secretly has a skinny photo app on his phone.

This gorgeous shot in Moab from the Porcupine Rim trail. I'll never go on this trail so I'm glad Tad could share a view from it.

One of several trips to PCMR this summer.

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