Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Subscribe & Save

We’ve all heard of Amazon but have you heard of their Subscribe & Save program? I hadn’t until an attorney at work heard me grumbling about going to Costco just to get diapers. I’ll admit it’s not the easiest to find on their site but I believe that’s because the savings are so great they don’t want everyone to know.

Well I went to Costco anyways because each box of diapers I swear it’s going to be the last box with Logan but next baby I’m so doing this. So how does it work? For the best savings you set up for deliveries in increments you choose. So you chose the item and it’s delivered monthly or up to every 6 months.

So now your wondering about shipping costs. Guess what? IT’S FREE!!!

So let’s look at savings.
Costco has Size 4 Huggies at 179/pack for $39 = $.21/diaper
One time delivery price Size 4 Huggies 140/pack for $27.99 = $.20/diaper (small savings)
Subsribe & Save price Size 4 Huggies 140/pack for $23.79 = $.17/diaper (better savings and not running to the store)
Subscribe & Save + Amazon Mom price Size 4 Huggies 140/pack for $19.59 = $.14/diaper (AWESOME and they deliver to my house for FREE = very happy mom)

It’s not just diapers though you can save on. The attorney that told me about it is single and no kids. She uses it to get cereal and canned goods. I’m all ready thinking of all the things I’ll be subscribing – cereal, shampoo, paper products, canned goods and cleaning products.

Yes I know I could spend hours and hours scouring coupons but I believe time is money and even running to the store is sometimes more time then I want to spend so I was really happy to find this. Let me know if you’ve used it and what you think.


Lettie said...

I LOVE the Amazon moms club and the subscribe and save. In fact, because of the Mom's club not only have I saved a ton on diapers, but I have Amazon Prime for free through the fall because every $25 I spend I get an extension.

LM said...

Amazon is the only place we get diapers too! LOVE that they are delivered to my door for free. We really take advantage of our amazon prime...good thing we have a nice UPS guy :) If you watch the baby/parenting magazines, they sometimes have percent off or $10 off coupons for diapers on amazon, which makes the savings even better!

bevany said...

Wait...does Logan wear size 4s?!

Kate said...

How does that compare to Walmart brand diapers?