Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lay Baby Lay

I have MAJOR spring fever at my house so these last two kind of nice days, I’ve spent every second outside instead of blogging.

Today I want to share my favorite site for nursery inspiration. If you aren’t expecting or know anyone expecting, I’d still check out the site. She finds the most amazing prints on Etsy (Bomobob is one she introduced me to) and most of her stuff on there isn’t way over the top expensive like a lot of other style blogs.

I totally love this Lumberjack room she came up with. I totally want to redo Logan’s room right now. Oh and in case you didn’t know we are expecting another boy in August.

Check out


Peggy said...

So glad you are back - I love your blogs!!!

Liz said...

I'm very excited for you guys! Those are cute ideas!

Erin said...

Way cute. Glad you are back to blogging too. BTW...I'm not changing the nursery very much for #3. But, I would like to make a mobile for him. If you see any cute ideas, will you send them my way? And I made your tissue paper pom-poms...FABULOUS!