Thursday, April 28, 2011

April Love List

Bountiful Baskets - This pregnancy I’ve craved vegetables (never done that before). So I love Bountiful Baskets and now I can just walk down with my little red wagon and pick them up without getting in the car. Yay!

Love this salad dressing, Briannas Ginger Mandarin. Had it at a party and took me forever to find it because it was at Nikki’s grocery store. That’s where my sister-in-law shops and Logan knows I hate it and he tells Nikki that every time they go there. So you can find this at Dick’s Market and not at Smith’s Marketplace (aka Mommy’s store).

I don’t want to move but I dream about rebuilding an old new house where we live. I love love love this floor plan – The Winslow.

Cake stands and tiered stands – I love them but why do they have to be so pricey. I’m in love with this one at Pottery Barn.

Also love this scalloped cake stand at Williams-Sonoma

I love this hand soap. I have a small obsession with basil so I love this. I also love their lemon verbena scent and just saw they have rosemary. I’ve found a few scents at Target but Walmart has the basil scent and a wider variety.

Last but certainly not least - Double Magnums. These are finally available in the US. I'm seriously not kidding when I say that since I had them in Europe every time I see an ice cream cooler I'd make Tad stop so I could see if they had any Magnums. You can now find these at Walmart and I hear Target too.

What are some things you love right now?


Erin said...

I totally forgot about Magnum bars!!! I LOVED those in Europe too. I craved veggies and dip with my second too AND he was also born in August....if trends stick, be prepared for a wild ride. :)

Peggy said...

I love your blogs!!! They brighten my day.

Teisha said...

I don't even dare try that Magnum thing! That could be the death of me! I love these posts of yours! But I need to see a pic of my Lo so please add a pic here and there. Thanks!

Kirsten said...

I was in potterybarn this past weekend and almost bought that three tier thing for fruits. Love it, but I too am dying to see pictures of Lo and your prego belly. Pretty please. ;)

MHall said...

we've tried most of the Magnum varieties thanks to your recommendation. Yum