Monday, September 28, 2009

PSA - Go see the leaves.

Unless you don't like drives like this then just stay home. We went up American Fork Canyon to Cascade Springs this weekend and it was gorgeous. Logan loves to be outside and his new thing is he'll say, "Mom, I'm running!" or "Mom, I'm jumping!' So here is just one of his running shots.
Love this little serious look on Logan's face because he's always smiling unless he whining for more Elmo or Percy.

Hey, this could be coming to a Christmas card near you.

Let's see can't think of another leafy thing to say. I've been watching Freaks & Geeks and it's hilarious. I want to just kiss Sam Weir, he's such a cute little brother. Okay that was out there but if you watch the show hopefully you'll understand what I mean.

Look more red leaves.
Oh look Grandma and Grandpa must be doing something funny for Logan to laugh.

Here Logan is pondering how evil that Russell is on Survivor. Seriously does anyone watch this show anymore. I'm only watching because it's in Samoa but I'm totally sucked in, big time and no one to discuss it with.
I know totally shocking but we went to Cabella's on the way home. I didn't think I'd ever go there. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but then it was. I'm so grateful my husband skis rather than hunts. I think hunting is so expensive and such a waste of money. I did think all the stuffed animals were kind of cool. It was probably even better than going to the zoo - it smelled better, no chance of the animals escaping and eating you, you can get a lot closer to the animals and not worry they'll go in their caves and you can't see them, also did I mention it didn't smell.
Tomorrow is the last day of the Making Memories warehouse sale so you should check it out.
This boardwalk is where we were waiting to hear Logan say, "Mom, I'm jumping!" Thank goodness that didn't happen because you usually hear that after he jumps.
Just one more picture to entice you to get up in the canyons and see the leaves. Now wasn't my randomness much better than me narrating our never ending leaf photos.


MMB Peggy said...

Wow - such beautiful pictures of your family!! I love watching Logan grow. Fall is my second favorite season of the year. Thanks for sharing.

Brek said...

I hope that you're not renting Freaks and Geeks. We have them all. I thought I told you that, but with my pregnant brain sometimes the line between reality and intention is blurred.

MHall said...

I love your pictures. Sabrina you just keep getting prettier and prettier.

Teisha said...

That place looks familiar! Love the pics! I miss fall! It is an endless summer here for sure!

Erin said...

Very pretty. And yes, I do watch Survivor. And yes, Russell IS evil! I'll chat with you about it.

bevany said...

I seriously love your randomness. You totally had me laughing. We're thinking of taking a drive like that on sunday so maybe he'll go there. My husband LIVES for drives like that. Me...not so much, but I'm all for a photo opp. Your hair looks really cute. Did you cut it?

Anonymous said...

Ah so cute!