Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day & The Fair

Okay so I haven't been doing too good at updating this thing. Sorry, it's just I'd rather stay up till midnight crafting away than getting back on a computer. Well I didn't do so good at updating in August but I'd say we did really good and not dining out in August. There were only two weeks that we went out to dinner twice in a week. That doesn't mean I was cooking tons but there was tons of spaghetti dinners and sandwiches. Also it felt like I was constantly loading the dishwasher and I never had a sink that didn't have dirty dishes in it. That wasn't fun.
So for Labor Day weekend I went up to Swiss Days. Why do I go up there almost every year? Every year I say it's going to be my last. It seriously is a mad house and I think it has totally overgrown the two days and it's just not pleasant at all.

Saturday I recovered from going to Swiss Days and we just worked on some house projects and I'm sure I'll do some big post on our yard this year because seriously it looked amazing. Most people wouldn't think so but with what it started out as it looks so much better. Plus I don't think we've ever kept our lawn green all summer. Tad says he totally thinks it's because of the June rain.

Sunday we had a family Weenie Roast that was a lot of fun. We even had my cousin Jeff come out which we probably see him once a year. Here's Savannah & Logan playing in the sand box. Cute Baby Miles is always such a smiley guy, not sure what he was smiling up in the trees (probably all the wasps).Then had to put in a shot of Tad's sexy little brother, Nate. I'd love to say ladies he's single but I really like his current girlfriend. Sorry.Then on Labor Day we went to the zoo. Is it just me but I thought the zoo was pretty lame. I hadn't been there since I was 12 but I just remember it seeming so much bigger and so much cooler. Yeah it was lame and hot and kind of ghetto. I took some photos but I don't really like any of the photos so I'm not going to waste the web space. Also the train broke down while we were on it. I'm so glad we got to ride it because Logan LOVES trains but luckily we made the last train.
Now onto the Utah State Fair. My favorite thing at the fair is to watch the people and see what people are selling. I could write a novel on my observations, concession marketing tactics and other random stuff but it probably only amuses myself so I won't. Well one thing (probably the only thing) that was super cute at the fair was this booth right behind the grand stands sponsered by the FFA. You go in and your little one is a farmer. Logan totally loved it and it was so stinkin cute.
Here is Logan and daddy planting their onion seed. I had another shot but how great is this one with Tad sticking his tongue out because he's concentrating. Love it. He'll probably kill me when he sees this post at school Tuesday. Here's Logan riding the tractor. We almost had a melt down getting him off of this but we diverted that by the lamb he had to get wool from.

We then went around to see all the animals. Logan hated all the animals but the chickens. Might be because they didn't smell so bad, weren't trying to eat him, he's bigger than them or our neighbor had 4 chickens Logan would watch all the time. Anyways, the fair was a lot of fun even though it sounds like I hated it. I can't wait till next year to see what amazing things they are selling and to see the crowds. I'm going to try to talk Tad into maybe wearing 'costumes' next year so we fit in more with the crowd. ;)

So this post is all ready unbelievably long but I'm so excited for new tv. I'm shocked I'm saying that because I didn't watch tv all summer except my Netflix movies and I didn't miss it at all but I after watching Vampire Diaries I'm reading for it to be on. Did anyone else what Vampire Diaries? What did you think (come on Bev I know you watched)? I'm so into vampires right now so I loved it. No, my obsession with vampires has nothing to do with Twilight.

Just curious, which show are you most excited to see new episodes?


Sheri Wojtasek said...

I am so excited for Amazing Race and Grey's my TWO must haves of the Fall!

My kids also love the FFA farm......we have to hit it every year! Its funny to see how through the years their abilities to do all the stuff change!

Brandi said...

Next year you need to come to Swiss Days with us. We were there at 7 am and headed home by 11 am just when all the crazy crowds were coming out. I got some cute stuff. I'm super excited for SYTYCD, The Office, and The Amazing Race

Fuller Fam said...

Firstly, i need that pic of Miles--too cute! send it to my email when you get a chance. Secondly, i'm proud of you that you didn't eat out a ton--we could learn a thing or two for you folks. Thirdly, your yard does look AWESOME--so awesome I would say the only thing it's missing is a dog (ummm say a 100 lb black newfoundland). Fourthly, that weenie roast was fun--we should do that more often. Fifthly, when are we going to have a craft night? I'm free anything after 8:30pm! call me.

bevany said...

I agree about the zoo. The kids love it, but it's so not worth the money. We didn't even go this year.
Bad news- I've decided not to watch Gossip Girl this year. That and Broters and Sisters have been deleted off my dvr timer. I'm way excited for Grey's and of course The Office and 30 Rock. More so for Lost, but that doesn't start for a while. What about you?

MHall said...

good blog - I love seeing the new pictures

Teisha said...

That pic of Miles is priceless! I don't know what your talking about I love the zoo! A season pass is the only way to go though, and it helped that it was so close to home. Missing all of the FFF's :( Last thing I loved greys! Can't wait for lost!