Monday, September 29, 2008


Over the weekend I went to Gardner Village to take some pictures of cute Mason. He has the bluest eyes. Logan also has blue eyes but they are nothing like Masons. Loved this little face that he pulled.

Mason was so nice and let mom and dad in on some photos.And if none of these photos have you convinced of how cute Mason is, check out this hilarious video of him here. This was a great place to take pictures and I definitely want to go back again with Logan when he doesn't look so much like a wild child and get some photos.

Make sure you watch Chuck tonight. My favorite geek on tv.


Melanie said...

He was such a little stinker with not smiling!!!!! Sorry he was so difficult. But the pictures look great! Thanks again for taking them!

Bevany said...

What a cute little boy. Your pictures turned out great. Loved Chuck last night. Is it wrong that I think he's really hot?