Tuesday, September 16, 2008

11 Months

Logan has learned so much it seems this month. He seems to actually understand what we are saying. He will raise his arms and when we say, "So big." I believe he actually knows how to walk but won't. He stands all the time but won't take a step. He'll push toy strollers, cars and even a toy lawnmower which you have to hold up the handle but won't do it on his own. He also dances whenever there is music. Sometimes he'll clap to music like he did at the Greek Festival. He loved that.
Here are his before pictures before his hair cut and we just said, "So big."

Here he is getting his haircut. He was really good, I should have done it sooner but I had had nightmares about how horrible I thought he would be.No after pictures yet.


Leah and Mike said...

What a cute kid!

Marque said...

Good old work blocking blogs and youtube. Logan is so cute. Davey started to walk when he was about 8 or 9 months, but he tipped over once, and then decided not to walk until 14 months. He turns 26th on the 17th (tomorrow). Yup.

Bevany said...

Way cute. I can't believe he already needed a hair cut. I swear boys have more hair than girls. Keigan didn't have that much hair until she was two! Can't wait to see the after pictures.